Antenatal Course - 8 Classes (22 videos)

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We have an issue in our culture. It's that we have lost our confidence and our belief in our power, in trusting ourselves and our bodies, in knowing how to birth our babies! To raise our children with heart-centred intuition and the ability to take control of our health and our rights. You know it. And you're ready to reclaim your power, and birth your baby, YOUR way! We believe that a huge shift occurs when parents have an empowering perspective when stepping into parenthood. We provide you evidence-based information, presented by a registered midwife, to empower you in making informed choices about your pregnancy and birth. No-one cares about your health more than YOU. It's your body, and your baby, we are here to help you navigate the information available, so you can make decisions that work for your family. TAKE BACK your birthing experience.


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