Managing stress during pregnancy

Congrats Mama, you’re pregnant! And you understand the importance of reducing stress during pregnancy; otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this. So first of all, big ups to you for acknowledging how much of an effect stress can have during pregnancy, but also realising in this day and age it’s almost impossible not to feel stressed over something.


So I’m going to be sharing some tips on ways to reduce stress so you can enjoy this time growing the miracle of life inside you; at least until you get to the uncomfortable point where you can’t see your toes and shaving your legs is a long forgotten activity.

With the aches and pains that can be associated with pregnancy, the idea of being completely weight-less can seem like a dream. Now it’s a completely possible dream with the popularity of Sensory Deprivation Tanks becoming more accessible!

There are many benefits to floating during pregnancy, including the extra dose of magnesium absorbed during your skin while you bliss out and connect deeply with your wriggling babe. Being completely shut off from external stimulation provides a quiet sanctuary to listen to your own AND your baby’s heartbeat from the inside. Suspended in 300lbs of Epsom salts, your completely buoyant causing a disconnect from your physical senses – ideal if you suffer from lots of pregnancy discomfort!

To find out more about my personal experience with Floating during pregnancy, check out my video here 

Similar to above, except planted firmly on the ground, meditating is a great way to connect with your growing baby while quieting your mind.

There are several ways to meditate so you need to see what works for you, whether that is using a mantra, focusing on your breath, or practicing mindfulness.  Don’t worry if you struggle to sit for very long, its called ‘practice’ for a reason – we can’t all be Zen yogi masters the first few times we sit down! Do as many minutes as you can, as often as you can to catch a breather in your busy day. Your body, mind and baby will thank you for it. 

Need some helping starting a meditation practise? Check out our beginners guide to meditating here. 

Perhaps meditating or suspending in a dark tank isn’t your cup of tea – if you are a more physical person, getting in some exercise is a very effective way of releasing stress. Going for a walk along the beach, doing some yoga or even a rigorous sweat burner (check with your care provider that it’s okay for you to do intense work-outs.) Let us not forget those endorphins that are released with exercise, (or from sex, or eating chocolate so take your pick!) it’s a sure fire way to put aside your woes and bring you into a state of ease.

Well you can’t be stressing while your sleeping, but now is a good a time as any to prioritize sleep and replenish your stores. Sleep is crucial to the health of your adrenals, which regulate our stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.  

Birth Affirmations:
If your pending birth is a source of stress for you, become empowered with the use of birth affirmations and visualisation. Preparing your mind for a positive experience and visualising how it will go can leave you feeling ready and excited rather than fearful. It’s been proven that wiring your brain with positive affirmations and expectations are more likely to result in a positive outcome, so spend some time each day focusing on your baby and the birth of your dreams.

There are tons of other ways to reduce stress in pregnancy including but not limited to: taking a relaxing bath, using essential oils, catching up with a girlfriend, watching Netflix, being in nature, and the list goes on. Find what works well for you and get in as much down time as you can, you are growing a human after all.

What is your favourite way to relax? Comment and share your tips below! 

- Claire Cardno