17 things to do when it's past your due date

It’s time to play the waiting game..

Waiting for labor to start is probably one of the hardest parts of pregnancy. You may be uncomfortable, heavily pregnant, everyone keeps asking if baby has arrived (check out our things to say to people who keep asking here) and you are just ready to meet your little guy or girl.


No one talks about the extremely emotional and bizarre time loop that is the in-between..not quite the same ‘you’ that you once were, on the verge of knowing life is about to change dramatically and your body about to go from one being to two. It’s a deeply sacred and special time, with emotions running high, impatience wearing thin.

Read below 17 ways to pass through this time with more ease, practise surrendering (a vital skill to practise for labor and birth) and deeply allow this immensely beneficial and yet tricky to navigate time be a little more peaceful..

1. Meditate – even find a local meditation retreat centre and attend some meditation classes, or crystal bowl sound meditations. Or check out some great guided meditations on our resource page.

2. Read for pleasure, please no parenting books! This time is for you

3. Make some beautiful birth affirmation posters, prayer flags or some other special creative piece to be with you while you birth

4. Catch up with long-distance friends via telephone or Skype.

5. Write a letter to the baby with anecdotes about your pregnancy and hopes and expectations for him or her.

6. Create a spa day for yourself.. face masks, warm baths, chocolate, cups of tea and even get your partner or friend to shave your legs for you!

7. Spend a lazy day at the beach or in nature, just noticing all the sights and sounds you can see around you

8. Get a manicure and pedicure.

9. If you're up for it, cook some make-ahead meals that you can pop in the freezer.

10. Do a gentle prenatal yoga workout. Or just some stretching

11. Meet a friend for coffee (or lunch, or dinner, or ice cream . . . ). You deserve it.

12. Get a haircut.

13. See a movie.

14. Go op-shopping. I find browsing pre-loved clothing stores very therapeutic, not only can you come across some beautiful gems from previous times, but you are honouring mother earth too by recycling clothing.

15. If you're already a mom, have a special afternoon with your older kids.

16. Netflix a funny pregnancy movie, have over a friend or two, and order pizza.

17. Get together with your own mom and learn about your own birth story if you haven't already heard it

So these are some ways to pass this time waiting for your little one to arrive. Remember, baby will come when they are ready to come, and while it can uncomfortable, if you take some time to really reflect and connect, you will see this time is extremely valuable in the transition to motherhood.