What is a Conscious Enterprise?

A business that has an aim of serving the people AND the planet

Earth is hiring and it has bought a whole lot of new ideas here that are being implemented to shift the current paradigm, to a new way of living, giving, birthing and doing business. 

Empowered Parenthood operates with the intention of the planet and the people, at its core. We run sustainably online, removing any environmental impact, while putting the upmost quality and research into all resources and educational support provided to the community. 

We have a mission to bring Empowered Parenthood's online antenatal classes to TEEN PARENTS all over the world for FREE. We believe that a huge shift occurs when parents have an empowering perspective when stepping into parenthood, and everyone deserves to access this education, not just those who can afford to. 

"An empowered perspective, gives birth to an empowered life"

Our platform is perfect for teens to access wherever in the world they are, to take advantage of growing and learning along side a registered midwife who provides on-going support and education, as well as the team of Mamas who provide peer support.

For everyone else, we hope that our resources make it possible for more and more men and women to change the way they are parenting, by educating and informing themselves, by taking on the challenges parenthood brings, with the support of their online tribe and a heart ready to love.

Empowered Parenthood also provide any of their classes to anyone who cannot afford it - the only thing we ask for in return in to place feedback on the website and or Facebook page.