Forum Guidelines

  • 12 Mar 2015 1:23 AM
    Message # 7915479
    • We are an inclusive group, all are welcome.
    • We are also respectful of other's preferences hence there may be people that use them/they/person/people/chestfeeding and there may be people that use he/she/woman/women/breastfeeding.
    • We do use the term 'Mama' as an inclusive term as we believe that whilst a woman or a man (however you identify) is growing and nurturing a baby they are channeling their inner Mama to do so.
    • If you are sharing a story that is not your own, please do not use names or other identifying features unless you have explicit permission and informed consent from the person.
    • Please be respectful of other's differing opinions - you do not have to agree with someone to do so.
    • Please be kind in your comments and responses.
    • Please report any inappropriate or unkind comments/posts.  
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