Michelle - Midwife, Co-Founder, Mama

Michelle started training to be a midwife in 2010, after an amazing birth experience with her first son (a natural breech birth at hospital) supported by a midwife who was a fabulous advocate in protecting her positive birth experience.  That pregnancy and birth started her on the journey of researching and understanding that knowledge meant retaining power over her body and birthing process.  This is why she chose the name ‘empowered birthing’ for her midwifery practice and why Claire and Michelle chose to continue the theme with this business (ad)venture.

Michelle had her second baby at home with the midwives watching on. There was some excitement and a hospital admission afterwards but you will be able to read about that in her birth story on the blog.  Michelle believes in women’s innate power and potential in terms of growing, birthing and nurturing babies and is a strong advocate for supporting Mamas and Papas non-judgmentally ensuring that they have all the right information together with risks and benefits for any decision making necessary in the parenting journey.  

Michelle met Claire when Claire was taking the first steps in her Mamahood journey. 


Claire - Content creator, Co-founder , Mama

Claire has now left Empowered Parenthood and the best of wishes are sent with her on her next journey in life. She has been a driving force behind the development of Empowered Parenthood.

Claire is a creative, ambitious mother to one beautiful little girl after struggling with infertility for three years.  Due to various health challenges Claire began her journey to heal her health naturally.

Claire is very passionate about encouraging women to take control of their health, body and fertility journey.  As a doula, Claire feels it’s very important for women to feel well prepared and empowered for their birthing adventure into motherhood and beyond.

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