Empowered Parenthood's birth...

Empowered Parenthood is a social enterprise, created by two mothers, Claire and Michelle. Identifying a need for evidence-based, natural leaning antenatal education, Empowered Parenthood provides Mamas and Papas easily accessible information and resources, anywhere, anytime.

Claire and Michelle are both fierce supporters of women gaining power through knowledge and are passionate advocates of the natural parenting journey.  However, this does not exclude or judge anyone for any informed decisions they make outside the natural realm.

Empowered Parenthood's vision is to provide holistic, evidence based information, support and education to parents all over the world. We want you to feel empowered in making informed choices, tapping in to your innate inner wisdom, intuition and given the skills to research and ask questions. No one cares more about your health or your family, more than you - we are just here to support and encourage you, while providing you tools on your journey.