Our Vision

A better Earth, starts at birth.


Our vision is to bring world-leading childbirth education to parents all over the world - not just those who can afford it. We are passionate about empowering women and their families to educate and empower themselves through our comprehensive, evidence-based and holistic resources.

Our Holistic Online Antenatal Classes are provided on a donate-if-you-can basis. We are also developing a program to train Childbirth Educators, Doula’s and Midwives in our holistic education to provide location classes, throughout the world, to bring together families for connection, community and learning.

With a strong foundation of information, support and feeling empowered, parents can step into this new role well equipped to raise heart-centred children. Hope for a better Earth, starts with the way we are birthing our babies.

Our dream is to reduce to current high rate of birth trauma, giving families back the sacred and love-filled time having given birth should be. Not a time of trauma, resentment and confusion. Education and support are pillars in this change.